Hello Fellow Technology Enthusiast,

πŸ‘‹ Mindful Gadgets here. I have always been passionate about technology and how it can change the world. In the past couple of decades, Technology has reshaped the way we live. In the year 2021, technology has enabled us to live in a world where there are self-driving cars and personal drones. The way we communicate and acquire new information has changed.

The delicate balancing act between disruptive technology and the existing world we live in has always been a challenge. Despite the various benefits of Technology, we must also be aware of the increasing electronic waste that is damaging our planet. Or the livelihoods that it has destroyed for people who have not been able to adapt as fast as the pace of technology.

Technology is amazing and empowering but, like all things, it has its downsides as well. Being mindful about these trade-offs and how we balance between advancement and preserving our planet and society is what I write about and what I want to strive for as a technology enthusiast.


Here are the things I value

Privacy is important

Privacy, for me, is not only about staying anonymous or being under the radar. A lot of technological advancements in mobile electronics require data about us. Personalized content cannot exist without the system knowing more about you. I think what is crucial is that the user owns and has control over that data.

Security is essential

According to a study by the University of Maryland, hackers launch attacks every 39 seconds. Identity theft, data leaks, and ransomware can cause significant disruption and mental stress in our daily lives. A portion of the content here will discuss how companies handle data security and point out which have a good track record and which do not.

Value is key

No matter how revolutionary, if the new technology fails to provide value in our daily lives, it is not worth spending our hard-earned money. Assessing whether a piece of technology provides meaningful improvement to our lives and whether the price matches will be a part of the content here.

Minimalist β™₯

This is more of a personal taste thing, but I enjoy keeping things simple and minimal. With the amount of electronic waste, I encourage everyone to buy things used and take good care of their gadgets. Keep the box. Keep the accessories. Clean your phones. And once you no longer want or need it, give it another home. We will talk more about ways that you can do this or initiatives like the “right to repair” that are gaining steam around the world.

Ethics Statement

In the land of technology journalism, conflict of interest can arise. Right now (in 2021) I do not have that issue since I am quite small and unknown. As the context here gets more visibility, these issues will become more prevalent. Before that occurs, let us talk about some ethical guidelines that I will be following.


Transparency is key. I will be proactive in informing you about any reviews where the device was loaned out to me and any perks I may have gotten from the company. The reviews and editorials are my own opinion and are in no way edited or approved by any of the brands whose products I cover.

Content on this site, Twitter, and Instagram are not sponsored. All devices are purchased by me. If that changes, you will see updates here as well as on that particular content.

Review Devices

I currently do not get review samples from any company. All devices are purchased by me.

Final Thoughts

I hope you all enjoy the content here and even think about taking up some of the values that I talk about here. I look forward to sharing this journey in seeing how technology can change the world for the better while taking care of the world we have. Cheers πŸ‘‹