Tech Last Week Issue #007: Sony Linkbuds, Windows Android app store, Samsung MWC 2022, and more

It is already the third week of February. Are you enjoying these quick newsletters?

Sony releases the Linkbuds

Sony announced the Linkbuds last week. Unlike other earbuds that plug your ears, the Linkbuds sport a unique “open” design. The open rings allow you to listen to your surroundings and negates the need for features like transparency mode. The Linkbuds also comes with a slew of Sony audio features like Speak-to-Chat, 360 Reality Audio, and digital assistants. The Linkbuds cost $180 MSRP. You can purchase them right now from retails such as Best Buy and Amazon.

I’m not a fan of the “open” style earbuds. They never sound that great to me. But if you have trouble with the ear pressure that other earbuds give you, it is worth giving these “open” style earbuds a shot.

Windows 11 Android app store update is released

 The Amazon app store is now available as an update for Windows 11. You’ll need to install the latest Windows 11 update and head on over to the Windows Store. After that, you should see a banner that allows you to install the Windows Subsystem for Android and the Amazon app store. If you were hoping that Amazon’s app store is as large as the Google Play store, I am sorry to disappoint you. Aside from a considerable collection of games in the store, the app selection is sparse. At least we have access to a better Kindle app for Windows now.

Samsung is bringing new Galaxy Books to MWC 2022

Samsung has scheduled their MWC 2022 event on Sunday, February 27th, at 1 pm ET. We expect them to release a couple of new Galaxy Books. I am not sure what else they will talk about this year. I don’t expect Samsung to reveal much about the impending Galaxy Z Fold4 or Z Flip4. Both of those devices should come in the summer. We’ll have to see if Samsung brings any surprised this year.

Windows 11 Pro will require you to use an account

Last week, Microsoft made the unfortunate decision to require Microsoft accounts for Windows 11 Pro. Previously, you could use a local account and install Windows 11 Pro offline. Microsoft is taking above both of those options now. Future installations of Windows 11 Pro will require you to be connected to the internet and sign in. There’s no announcement on when they will be rolling this out but expect it shortly.

I am one of those users that still use Windows 11 with a local account. Frankly, taking away this option is a step back for privacy. Having the choice to use your computer with a local account was a great way to avoid telemetry and data gathering.

Read more on the blog.

Audio-Technica’s 20-hour battery life true wireless earbuds

Audio-Technica, makers of fantastic studio headphones, has released a pair of true wireless earbuds that last 20-hours on a charge. We are talking about 20-hours without the charging case. Audio-Technica states that their high-capacity batteries should allow the ATH-CKS50TW to last for 20 hours of continuous playback and 15-hours with noise canceling on. If we add the charging case, you are looking at a whopping 50-hours. That is some impressive claims. The ATH-CKS50TW costs £149.99 in the UK. No word on US pricing or availability.

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