WWDC 2021: Four Major Announcements

Yesterday at WWDC 2021, Apple announced a slew of small updates to each of their operating systems. Below are three major announcements from the keynote.

non-iOS device will be able to join Facetime calls

Apple announced that non-iOS devices will be able to join Facetime call via the new web app. Android and PC users will now be able to hop onto facetime calls with their family and friends. I suspect that this is a direct response to the popularity of Zoom. Right now it doesn’t seem like non-iOS users will be able to initiate a new Facetime call.

iOS 15 is coming to the iPhone 6s

iOS software updates put Android devices to shame. The newest version of iOS is coming to the iPhone 6s, a 6-year-old phone. When was the last time an Android phone got this kind of software support? The fact that Apple controls a large portion of the hardware helps. But Google and its Android partner need to start offering longer software support if they want to keep up.

Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio and Lossless for Apple Music

Apple has added Dolby Atmos Spatial Audio to certain albums and songs on Apple Music. Dolby Atom will work on AirPods and Beats earbuds and headphones with an H1 or W1 chip.

Lossless audio support will be coming to the entire library on Apple Music. It will, however, require a wired analog connection. This means AirPods Max will not be able to support Lossless audio.

Both these new features will be included with your Apple Music subscription at no extra cost. Spotify has been rumored to add Lossless support to its library but with a higher paid tier. Hopefully, this recent announcement from Apple will make Spotify rethink that plan.

Siri is also breaking out of the walled garden

Siri will now be available on third-party devices. In addition, Siri should be able to perform on-device voice recognition rather than sending your voice data to the cloud. I am sure there will be certain companies that opt to include Siri on their devices, but I do wonder if these devices will be as popular as their Google Assistant counterparts.

What are your favorite announcements from WWDC 2021? Leave a comment below.

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