Five things to consider when buying electronics for the long term

My mindset for buying electronics has shifted quite a bit over the year. Below are five things that I consider when buying electronics for the long term.

The intangibles are sometimes just as important as the specifications

In technology, we often get caught up with the specifications and information we can objectively measure. Although they are important, often it is the intangibles that influence our buying decisions. If you want to own a device for the long term, how a device makes you feel can often be as important as how fast the processor is. It is much easier to keep a device longer because of your emotional attachment to it or because of its aesthetics.

Quality over quantity

Do you have devices that just sit there getting minimal use? Is there a device sitting in some drawer that gets touched maybe once a month? It might be time to re-evaluate whether you need it and think about giving a new home. The way I think this is, “Is this device providing me value or are there better ways I could be using that money (from selling the device) that would help me live a more fulfilling life”. Often times my answer to those questions are “yes, absolutely”.

Keep your electronics in good condition and sell them when you upgrade

I have always been a huge proponent of keeping your device in like-new condition. I tend to keep all the original boxes and store them away for when I decide to sell them in the future. This allows the future owner to have a similar unboxing experience as if the device was new. It also has the benefit of allowing you to sell the device at a higher price. This ends up saving you money and reducing e-waste.

Constantly switching is very disruptive

It can be tempting to always upgrade to the next new tech product. But have you calculated the amount of time you take setting up new products and getting rid of the old ones? It is often a lot of time and very disruptive to your day-to-day life. Even with being able to perfectly transfer data from one device to another, you often still have accounts to re-sign into or 2FAs to enter. Eventually, you might realize that the time is better spent elsewhere and you would rather own a device for longer.

There is no best, only what is right for you

We are obsessed with trying to pinpoint what is the best device out there. But frankly, there is no best. Your use cases are different than mine. We all live different lives. We have different wants and needs. Saying this device is the best one that is out there is unrealistic. Electronic purchasing decisions have become a very personal thing. We spend a large portion of our lives on them. You may value aesthetics above all else and that is what makes you feel happy in the morning. Buy a device because it is right for you and not because other people say it is the best one out there.

Have these ideas make you re-evaluate how you purchase electronics? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think 🙂

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