New Beginnings

Happy New Years Everyone! For 2020 I will be revamping the Mindful Gadgets site from the ground up. There are a slew of new features and content coming your way. Be share to check back frequently for new content and features. Below is a sneak peak of the new features I have in store for the site:

Commenting system

Have some input or questions? I’ll be adding in a commenting component to the site for just that. Right now I’m looking at a comment system that respects the privacy of its users and has minimal tracking.

Recommendation section

Do you want a quick article about which phone you should get? I’ll be adding a new recommendation section to help people decide which phone they should get given their needs.

Searching, Tags, and Categories

I’ll be adding a tagging, categories, and a search bar so that content exploration is a lot easier.

Mobile layout and Dark theme

Are you someone who mostly read content on your mobile device? Do you love dark mode? I do too and those will be coming soon as well.

More content focused on security and privacy

Security and privacy is a big part of the owning electronics these days. Without some basic understanding of how things work, it is easy to put yourself and your data at risk of ransomware or data theft. I’ll be adding content on how to better protect yourself and some general education of how things work so you AI and Machine learning don’t just sound like “Magic”. The more you know, the easier it is to protect yourself!

I hope you’ll follow along and be sure to follow me on Twitter as well

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